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5000-year-old Cochno Stone carving may be revealed - The Scotsman

A SET of mysterious, 5,000-year-old rock carvings could see the light of day again, after being buried 50 years ago to protect them from vandals.

The Cochno Stone in West Dunbartonshire bears what is considered to be the finest example of Bronze Age “cup and ring” carvings in Europe.

The stone, which measures 42ft by 26ft, was discovered by the Rev James Harvey in 1887 on farmland near what is now the Faifley housing estate on the edge of Clydebank.

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Frustrations with Celtic Reconstructionism | Tír na nOuray

Go to the source.

This has been my philosophy on all things spiritual for many years. It is an impulse that lead me to Celtic Reconstructionism in the first place. I wanted to learn as much as I could about the Pagan Celts, from as many sources as I could. Don’t get me wrong, a thorough study of Celtic lore is invaluable, and there is plenty out there to learn. But I want a heartfelt, passionate education not just an academic one.

Interesting read.

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“A libation of some of the thick new milk given by a cow after calving, if poured on the ground, more especially in the interior of a rath or fort, is supposed to appease the anger of the offended fairies. Before drinking, a peasant will in many cases, spill a small portion of the draught on the earth, as a complimentary libation to the good people.”

Excerpt From: Wood-Martin, W. G. (William Gregory), 1847-1917. “Traces of the elder faiths of Ireland; a folklore sketch; a handbook of Irish pre-Christian traditions.” (via spiritualbrainstorms)

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Gaol Naofa | Gaelic Polytheism » Youtube Update – New Videos


Yeah, I’m pretty much watching their new videos all day today:

  • Lá Fhéile Bríde – Detailing the lore and traditions associated with the festival that marks the first flourish of Spring
  • Là na Caillich – The Day of the Cailleach in Scotland, which falls on March 25th and marks the beginning of the Cailleach’s rest period, until she reawakens in winter
  • Bealtaine – Focusing on the traditions and customs of the festival of Summer
  • Midsummer: Áine and Grian – Introducing the Midsummer traditions in Ireland, and the issue of solar deities in Gaelic tradition
  • Midsummer: Manannán mac Lir – Taking a look at the Midsummer tradition of “paying the rent to Manannán mac Lir, which originates on the Isle of Man

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“The fairies often go out hunting. In the calm summer evening the faint sound of tiny horns, the baying of hounds, the galloping of horses, the cracking of whips, and the shouts of the hunters may be distinctly heard, whilst their rapid motion through the air occasions a noise resembling the loud humming of bees when swarming from a hive.”

Excerpt From: Wood-Martin, W. G. (William Gregory), 1847-1917. “Traces of the elder faiths of Ireland; a folklore sketch; a handbook of Irish pre-Christian traditions.” London, New York and Bombay : Longmans, Green, and co., 1902. (via sachairimaccaba)

(Source: charlottesarahscrivener, via sachairimaccaba)

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Odin’s Bloody Eye Socket!



It only just occurred to me that Odin’s initial sacrificial act, the removal of his eye in exchange for a draught from Mimir’s well, would have disqualified him from the Kingship among the gods of Ireland.

Food for thought…

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Been here, and it’s a truly wonderful place.  Must go back one day.


If this isn’t an entrance to a fairy world then I don’t know what is…

Fairy Glen, Isle of Skye, Scotland, April 2014

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There wouldn’t happen to be any like, audiobooks or online lectures on Irish mythology/The Tain/Ulster Cycle that any of you would recommend, would there? I found one of Joseph Jacob’s book… and so far that’s it.

I have a hard time finding time to be sitting down reading and I absorb information better in audio format anyway. Also I could take notes while I listen…

It’d be great to just have it running in the background when I’m heading to work or cleaning up the house.

Have you thought of listening to the Celtic Myth Podshow?  They started their series with the Irish Mythological Cycle.  They are here at Tumblr, too.

You might also want to check out Story Archaeology who cover some of the tales in their podcasts.

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